Acrylic Yarn
Our company is one of the most creative high quality acrylic yarn manufacturer in the Middle East.
 We believe in assisting our clients in developing the best yarn that fits their special requirements.
- 100% Acrylic yarn high bulk & normal top dyed & row white
From 14 NM to 50 NM   Single & Double
 - Blended Yarn in different percentage according to customer choice
Acrylic Wool
50 %  50% 
80% 20 %
70% 30%
 Colors cartelle for aska - FISIPE  (previously Courtelle)
 Each Cone is packed into plastic bag for protection. Marked with the color's name, color's reference and lot No. Export cones are packed into one carton box. All cartons boxes are printed with our name and logo Wassilatex.
For any inquiries and details please contact:
Postal Address: New Borg El Arab city - 3rd industrial Zone.
Tel :203-4593021/4593023/4593024 Fax:203 4593022
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