Production Facilities
The production facility consists of a 6400 sq.m., fully air-conditioned building by Luwa air system.  All is equipped with up-to-date machinery. 
The production process starts from Dyed tow by using the following machines: 
  * Stretch converter tow to top machine
* Intersecting (4 Passages) 
* Ring spinning 
  * Autoconer Equipped with LOEPFE yarn master
* Assembly winder equipped with MESDAN Air Splicers.
  * Two for one Twisting
* Relaxing & Winding equipped with MESDAN Air Splicers.
Uster laboratory testing equipment, to control & optimize quality and productivity. 
Each Cone is packed into plastic bag for protection. Marked with the color's name, color's reference and lot No. Export cones are packed into one carton box. All cartons boxes are printed with our name and logo Wassilatex.
Quality Control System:       
The quality of the yarn is of high standard that meets international requirements. This is achieved by using the most advanced technology such as LOEPFE yarn master, An electronical yarn clearing for quality monitoring thick and thin places classification. 
For any inquiries and details please contact:
Postal Address: New Borg El Arab city - 3rd industrial Zone.
Tel :203-4593021/4593023/4593024 Fax:203 4593022
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